Stephanie Morrisey office manager at Press Realty Halifax

Stephanie Morrisey

Office Manager at Press Realty Inc.

About Stephanie Morrisey

I’m Stephanie, and I’ve been immersed in the real estate industry for over 7 years, serving as the dedicated Office Manager at Press Realty. Originally from Truro, NS, my journey in real estate began as a licensed admin, where I refined my skills and deepened my passion for the field.

After taking a break to raise my two daughters, I returned to work at Press Realty in 2023, eager to reimmerse myself in the industry I love. My role is multifaceted, encompassing the management of all listings, overseeing sales transactions, and handling the company’s accounting needs with precision and expertise.

One of my greatest joys is working closely with the agents, guiding them to reach their goals and supporting them every step of the way. My commitment to excellence and genuine care for the team makes me a valued member in the office.

Outside of work, I treasure my time with my family, finding a perfect balance between my professional and personal life. My dedication, experience, and warm personality make me an invaluable asset to Press Realty.

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