Ryley Norman, real estate agent at Press Realty Inc. in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Ryley Norman

REALTOR® at Press Realty Inc.

About Ryley Norman

In case you don’t know me – my name is Ryley Norman. Follow along if you’d like to get to know a bit about me!

I grew up in a military family, so I was forced to move around frequently, chasing my father’s postings. I spent most of my upbringing in Alberta, followed by a five year stay in Toronto. This is my second time living in Halifax. My mother was an agent before me. She was first licensed in 1999, which inspired me to get into the industry. I entered the industry in 2018, working with a boutique real estate brokerage in downtown Toronto. Jumping into a fast paced market such as Toronto’s, I was forced to learn the nuances of the business quickly.

I chose to work under the Press Realty brand here in Halifax because it is a boutique brokerage with a group of agents who treat one another as family. Wherever I have lived, I have focused my energy on building relationships with and helping support local small businesses. Press Realty is a locally owned and operated company. Unlike the big-name brokerages that operate under and pay royalties to their corporate franchisers, 100% of the income that is earned through Press Realty stays in Nova Scotia.

In the past five years, the Halifax real estate market has seen growth that could have never been imagined. The local industry is changing almost daily. This is why it is important to work with a young and experienced agent. With the cost of rent skyrocketing, home ownership is becoming more and more important.

I consider myself a full-service agent. When listing your home, you can expect high-end photography, videography, floor plans, virtual tours, and staging consultations. Additionally, you can expect public open houses, agent exclusive open houses, a custom web page, and paid online advertising. I have a proven track record of standing firm in negotiations to ensure that my clients get the best deal possible. On the purchasing side, I will provide you with around-the-clock communication, flexible scheduling, and honest advice. I am somebody who is going to push to get you the most value for your dollar, instead of talking you into the wrong property for the sake of making a sale.

Press agents pride themselves on their integrity. We value the relationship far above the transaction. I can speak for all of us when I say, I would much rather turn a client into a friend than a friend into a client. 

If you’re looking for somebody to guide you through the home buying or selling process with a personalized approach, I would be happy to sit down over coffee and see if we would be a good fit for one another.

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