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#PressLocal: Free2Charge

Posted by admin on November 9, 2015
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Meet Pascal deVillers Co-Founder of free2charge, a Halifax startup that is looking to provide businesses and the public with charging stations for your cell phones. A risky proposition I know, to leave your phone locked up in a public setting but this is a challenge Pascal is willing to accept by providing security to users by manufacturing the most rugged and safest charging stations in the world.

The idea came from working part time with his partner at a local mobility store… When customers came in from shopping to ask if they could charge there phones, the light went on for them – as they felt no one was able to provide this service at the local level.

Thus began the process to source such technology… Although this market is new, there were already several manufactures producing stations, but these weren’t geared towards Canadians by offering credit card payment (which locally wouldn’t go over well) – to stations that required a constant power source (what happens when the lights go out and how do I get my phone!?). Finding that no one could provide what they wanted (and being smart and innovative Maritimers) they decided to clear out the garage and start the process of designing, building and producing the most safest cell phone charging station. After many weeks of design and consulting with engineers for safety and security they had the first prototype.

In May of 2014 they rolled out their first station located at the casino in Halifax and over the past few months now have 14 stations across the maritimes and 1 in Montreal. In locations that make sense, like ER waiting rooms for family members to use when they have to spend long hours waiting and trying to keep family members updated, to ferries so guests can charge devices as they make the journey, to hotels guests attending conferences who don’t have access to either a charger or a proper outlet to use.

Now that they have a solid service and product they plan on expanding operations to manufacture more stations, and are working to find sponsorship to take this business to the next level. If you’re looking for a service for your existing customers or are looking for a unique way to advertise the team at free2charge can be reached at:

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