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#‎PressLocal‬: Vessel Meats!

Posted by admin on May 15, 2015
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Vessel Meats is a locally owned and operated modern butcher shop combining high quality meats and even better education. Owned and operated by Brianna Hagell and operating out of the Dartmouth Farmers Market, her passion are her clients and providing them the best meats she can find.

Brianna’s story started a few years ago while she was working in an office. She liked her job but didn’t love it. She was ready for a career change and that is exactly what this young entrepreneur did.

Her passions for cooking and quality food lead her to her local butcher, which is where she eventually found her dream job.


Not long after meeting her local butcher whom became her mentor, Brianna put her laptop and briefcase away to make her name in what is mostly known as a male dominated industry. Brianna is one of the few female apprentice butchers in Nova Scotia. Lucky for her, her mentor taught her the worst jobs you can encounter in butchering, thus making her stronger and more knowledgeable than most. When one loves their jobs, it becomes a passion and Brianna has defiantly found what she loves and enjoys to do. Educate and provide healthy food to Haligonians.

During her first weeks of operating she discovered something that made her incredibly passionate! A young mother came and asked her a question “I want my baby to eat healthy but I don’t know what to buy”. With these simple words she was hit with a mission to teach and educate. She takes pride in teaching her clients how to shop, prepare, and know the difference between quality meats. Haligonians are more and more interested in learning about what they are eating and also more conscience of what they are putting on the table.

Her goal is to eliminate fear and teach her clients healthy ways of eating.


She is very proud to say that all her product are local and made hormone and preservative free. Her passion and love doesn’t stop there. She will go an extra mile and inform her clients on how to cook certain cuts to get the most of what you are purchasing.

What she is focusing on teaching Haligonians at the moment is getting them to think in terms of eating the whole animal. For example: you get about 20 lbs of bacon from a 200 lbs pig. For all of the bacon we consume where does the other 180 lbs of meat and tissue go? People need to start eating and cooking “outside the box” in order to help support the industry; which will give everyone a easier access to locally sourced meat.

So if your planning a BBQ this long weekend, go to Alderney Landing Saturday morning and grab some great product to put on your table and celebrate this great local business!

Show your love and follow her at any of her accounts below – and let’s spread the word about this wonderful business!

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